Think Critically

Act Rationally

Question Authority

No Sleep

The Brooklyn Bridge In All It's Glory

Cool Baby

Everyone Says You Should Buy One

Do Not Doubt The Truthiness Of This Shirt

Colbert Me

You Rock My World

Sign Of The Horns Baby Style

Baby Rocker

Vinyl Rules


Go Retro

Cool Baby Clothes & Unique Baby Gift Sets Made In The USA

We've been making irreverent graphic tees and baby onesies since 2004. Our selection is dedicated to providing parents and caretakers with a much needed laugh out loud moment, reason to converse or a brief reprieve from the intense job of parenting in the modern age.

We are an all female run business in Portland making and printing funny baby onesies and cool toddler shirts that fetch giggles and frowns. We also design and produce unique baby snapless outfits that are over the top comfy.

Baby Wit skips the cute and focuses on the obscure, the forgotten, the weird, the beautiful and the heroic. We love pop culture, wit, sideways metaphors, puns, and being silly.

We've just launched a sister site for grown ups. YOU CAN STAY CLOTHING can be described as mismatched Garanimals covered in our irreverent graphics. We design and craft each piece in our Portland, Oregon Studio.

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