How accurate are the colors of your products in your online catalog?

They are fairly accurate but sometimes the manufacturer will send a different shade of an item and I do not retake the photo so the shade may be different. Also, you must account for the differences between your personal monitor as it may be calibrated differently than mine. Pinks might look more red. Anything with a lot of saturation might be different than pictured. If you are in doubt, just email me. I usually respond within minutes.

What happens if I do not receive my package?

If it has been over 2 weeks for domestic and over 30 days for international packages please email me so that I can send you a replacement package. You will need to fill out an insurance claim with me if I have insured your package. You must report all lost non delivered packages within 75 days of actual shipment otherwise I cannot refund or reship the package to you.

How do I return an item?

Simply reply to any email you have received from Baby Wit or Tender Wonder letting us know what the issue is and I can generate an RA number for you. Once you have you RA number send the item to Baby Wit 1315 N Shaver St. Portland, OR 97227, clearly labeling your package with the RA number and include a note inside it with your name, order #, and phone #, letting me know what you would like to exchange for or if you prefer a refund (non-customizable shirts only) and I will process the exchange within 5 business days. If you have an account you can request your RA number within your online account with a couple of clicks. Any package sent to me without an RA# will not be processed. I am sorry but otherwise it gets very confusing.


Do you price match?

I sure as heck do price match. If you should find a lower price on the Internet (please take into account shipping in the total) just call me 503-284-2283 or send me an email (using the contact form http://www.babywit.com/contacts/) with the url and I will try my best to give you a better deal. It may be matching the price or it may be adding in a free specialty shirt into your order. Whatever it takes to make you happy to buy from me!


What if my order keeps getting declined but I know my credit card is good?

I can take your order on the phone and try and process it for you. Just call me at 503-284-2283. It is best to have created an account with your shopping cart because that way I can just take your cart and get your order to go through on my end.


Why are things out of stock when it said that it was in stock?

I purchase my items from several different manufacturers-- some of them have new items every season so once my stock is gone, it's gone. Other manufacturers print their items year-round so I am able to re-order as stock dwindles. You can contact me if you have a question about a specific item. Please include a product code or link to the product. The website count does get out of whack at times because of returns and orders offline so it can alter the online count you see.


What is the difference between an order being backordered vs out of stock?

If you order an item that is listed as backordered it is normally expected back in stock within 7 working days. If an item is out of stock that means that I ambackordered with the manufacturer for that item and we do not know when stock will be back in or that item may have been discontinued by the manufacturer. You can sign up online within each out of stock product to receive an email when it does come back in stock.


Why have I been charged twice? 

Chances are-- you haven’t been. When a card is declined your bank will hold on to funds for up to three business days, after which they are automatically reverted back into your account. If you process your order (i.e. click the submit button) more than once you may have been declined for one transaction while the other has gone through. The first step is to call your bank and find out when those funds will be available to you. If you discover that Baby Wit indeed has mistakenly charged you twice, don’t hesitate to call (503) 284-2283 between 9:30-5:30 PST or email me. I will refund your account immediately. But, honestly, this has never happened in all the 8 years I have managed my website. It's because banks are evil and like to hold onto your funds for as long as possible.


What payments do you accept?

I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Baby Wit Gift Certificates and Paypal as payment methods. You may order online or over the phone. My phone number is 503-284-2283. I no longer accept checks because I trusted some lady and she ripped me for over $200 but I do still accept money orders. Orders placed using money orders take a bit longer to process because I must make a trip to the bank before processing it and I don't really like going to the bank so much.


Do you charge tax?

I do not charge sales tax as I am located in Portland, OR, USA but this may change with government regulation.


How do I know if my order went through?

After you place your order Baby Wit automatically emails an invoice to the address you provided. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk mail folder. If you created an account with me, you can log in and check the status of your order. 


What if I get the error message “duplicate transaction” when placing an order?

If you receive this message it is because you have already submitted your order and you hit the back button and resubmitted it. Receiving this message does not however mean that your order was accepted (as opposed to declined) and so you should call Baby Wit at 503-284-2283 or email us for clarification. 


What if I get the error message declined for AVS when placing an order?

An “AVS” error means that the billing address you supplied us is not the same as it appears with your bank. You should call your bank and verify which address is listed with them, and then try your purchase again. This fixes the problem 100% of the time. 


What if I get the error message declined for CVV@ when placing an order?

This means the 3 digit code (which is found on the signature panel on the back of your Visa or Mastercard) does not match. You should enter the first three numbers that appear. Verify the numbers and try your purchase again after a few minutes have passed by. 


Do you ship internationally?

I ship Canada and most European countries. I also ship to a select few international locations. If I do not ship to your country it is not personal. It's just that my insurance does not cover your location. 


Can you put my name on a shirt or make a custom print?

Currently I am  not set up to do this as my transfers are screen printed and purchased in bulk quantities.


I am interested in doing a review/giveaway for Baby Wit. How do I go about doing that? 

LOVE to partner up with awesome bloggers such as yourselves! However, unfortunately due to the sheer number of requests I receive I am unable to work with everybody. If you are interested then please use my contact form and provide your blog information, and the details of your request (i.e. review only, review + giveaway). I will then follow up with information if I are able to work with you. Please keep in mind that Baby Wit never pays to be reviewed by bloggers. Ever. So please don't email me letting me know you will place me in your Hot Picks or Top 5 if I give you $200. I hate that.

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