6 Most Useful Baby Products That Might Be Missing From Your List

6 Most Useful Baby Products That Might Be Missing From Your List

Useful Baby Products

If you know of someone who’s expecting, or just had a baby, here are a few essentials that aren't on most  people's lists but should be. Every baby is different and you won't know their preferences until they arrive. Some babies will love bouncers, others will struggle to get out of one. My daughter loved the sound machine while my son did not like white noise. We can't really know what our baby will like until we get to know them. So, instead of focusing on the products babies use, I've created a list of helpful baby products that the caregiver uses.

These also make practical baby shower gifts that parents will be mentally thanking you for every time they use them.

1. Baby Bottle

Just going to say here that after you've picked up a bottle 140 times, you'll wish you had one  these. The pacifier? Same thing. Tired of holding a baby bottle? This is a game changer.

2. Sick Baby

You don't know you need this but when you hear your infant struggling to breathe and those bulb aspirators do little to nothing to remove the snot, you'll  start sucking. Forget the anal, mouth or armpit thermometer and pick up a forehead one

3. Baby Skincare

If you're wanting to shield your baby from chemicals and are looking for a skincare line where every ingredient is one you recognize we recommend Wild Carrot Herbals. While Honest Baby is better than most companies, their products still contain funny sounding chemicals like sodium polyacrylatepolyolefin, Polymer Spandex, Polyolefin and Polyurethane cocamidopropyl betain, phenoxyethenol and methylisothiazolinone and polysorbate 20.

Compare that to Wild Carrot Herbal's ingredient list and you'll see why they're more honest than Honest. They have special creams for  new moms including a nipple cream, a hemorrhoid cream, an anti-fungal cream and other delightful organic skincare products. We love their botanical baby powder as there are no additives and goes on like silk. They have a borage eczema cream we still use to sooth our sensitive skin. We can't stop raving about their all natural baby skincare products. 

4. Baby Swaddle

Imagine you've just spent the last 4 months in a very confined space. If you've seen  John Oliver's egg fantasy you'll know what I mean. Take your baby back to the womb by confining their limb movement with an amazing Swaddle

5. Baby Clothing

You might not think that the kind of baby clothing you purchase has much of an impact on you but if you're changing your baby between 8 and 12 times a day those fasteners can become a real pain point. Investing in styles that are easy to slide on and off, is a great idea for newborns and infants. Try  Unsie, a baby romper without any fasteners. And, we make matching mom onesies with the same design so you can keep your top on when using the restroom. Brain exploding. 

5. Baby Food

The Vitamix is a must have and will be in use to make  baby food, smoothies, cream sauces and more. I found it the best way to sneak all sorts of veggies into my child's diet and it has become one of the most essential pieces in my kitchen. I use it nearly everyday. This kitchen appliance is well worth the money I spent on it.

6. Baby Carriers

My back already had problems so carrying around an extra 10 to 20 pounds on my back did not sound fun. I started with the  Moby Wrap because it criss-crosses over your back with fabric and seemed to distribute the weight well. When my baby was bigger I played around with several baby carriers until I spent the money and purchased an Ergo. I wished I'd done it sooner because it was such an improvement. Now, they sell pre-owned ones on their website for folks on a budget. 

Photo Credit to Kelly Sikkema @Unsplash

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