The New Normal. 7 Practical Tips For New Daddy After Childbirth

The New Normal. 7 Practical Tips For New Daddy After Childbirth

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Are you finding it hard to cope as a new and first-time dad? The truth is, you do not need to feel lost and helpless. This is a new experience that many new dads go through and usually have no preparation.

Regardless of how much you try to prepare for it before the birth of your little one, the role can still be overwhelming and challenging.

Today’s article is here to help you make that jump from hubby/partner to an operational and full-aware dad, with all secrets all new dads should have.

And, remember that it is perfectly okay to have parental questions because no single parent knows what they should exactly be doing.

The key to having the mindset of a fully-fledged daddy is being proactive and accessible!

Finding Your New Normal: 7 Practical Tips For New Daddy After Childbirth

1. A Mindset Shift

Life is now different, and you will have a hard time coming to terms with this reality.

But, keep in mind that there is no point dwelling in the past, thinking about how much time you had before the baby came. Instead, try thinking about the future and your hacking capabilities if you want to transition to your new role seamlessly.

2. Roll Your Sleeves (Sooner rather than later)

Without realizing that they are doing more harm than good, many new dads try dodging the everyday duties. But, if you try to escape your responsibilities, you are only making the situation harder for you and your partner. Plus, you will be missing out on the essential bits of nurturing a newborn that allow you to bond with your baby.

For instance, changing diapers could seem like a challenging task. However, you could take it as your primary duty since it is a continuous job. And, instead of thinking of it as a task, consider it a special moment to bond with your baby. You could incorporate fun things like dancing, singing, and pulling funny faces. These will keep the baby’s attention to you while you get down to business.

3. Empathy Rules!

It is hard to deal with no intimacy, and it happens to many men after childbirth. However, as much as intimacy is very normal before the pregnancy and quite recommended, things can take a turn pretty fast.

Adding a baby into the relationship changes its dynamics. However, it is best to remember that the baby’s needs come first.

Also, pregnancy and childbirth will cause significant changes to your partner’s body. Due to this, they will need time to recover, physically and emotionally.

4. Never Stop Trying

Fatherhood will come with new commitments and responsibilities. However, it is the opportunity for practical fathers to embrace the situation and take the reins of the new role. It also allows them to learn about their kids and themselves.

Keep in mind that newborns need more time with mummy’s, especially during the breastfeeding period. But that shouldn’t stop you from being around and helping.

There are other numerous ways to help, including;

  • Bath times
  • Sterilizing milk bottles
  • Burping
  • Playtime
  • Bedtime reading
  • Prepping the baby’s bags

And these are not the only ways you can help. Never stop looking for ways to lend an extra hand of help with the daily tasks. It will relieve a significant burden on your partner and make them feel closer to you.

5. Don’t Shy From Asking For Help

Every new dad should embrace asking for help. But, unfortunately, some dads suffer from the all-familiar "know it all" complex.

But do not shy away from asking for help. There is a high likelihood that you know someone who has gone through the same experience as you. By asking for help, they could offer you insights and tips to manage the situation.

That said, trying seeking information from your friends, family, and even religious leaders in your area.

6. Press Pause On Your Social Life

As a new dad, you should aim to spend as much time as possible at home. It is difficult for one to find their footing in parenthood. You need to be around to provide all the necessary support and assistance.

Pressing pause on your social life, for now, will not hurt. Of course, you will miss just a handful of those social gatherings, but your real friends will understand. And, remember that you will never make up for the lost time of bonding with your baby.

7. But Keep The 1 on 1 time In Mind!

Most importantly, remember your better half matters, too.

It is pretty common for new parents to experience these changes after the baby arrives, from physical to emotional and mental changes. But you also need to remember your old self.

Remember the little things that you love about your better half. Also, try to treat them, even if it doesn’t mean going out for diner. Try rubbing their feet, giving a massage, running a bath, making meals, and helping with house chores.


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