For All Us Dummies Out There, What Is A Baby Shower & Why Do We Throw Them?

For All Us Dummies Out There, What Is A Baby Shower & Why Do We Throw Them?

What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a unique event that celebrates the coming of a baby into a family and unto the world. A baby shower celebration is often considered a part of the parenthood journey. During the celebration, the friends and family members shower the mom with blessings and tons of baby shower gifts to mark the upcoming baby's birth. The shower takes place around the 7th to 8th month of the pregnancy.


Most parents may not know the history and origins of throwing baby showers. The baby shower might sound like a modern term, but it has its roots in different cultures and across time. We celebrate the event of a baby shower in different ways but the premise is the same, throwing down blessings and love for the new child. Keep on reading to know the origins of baby showers.


When Did Baby Showers Start and Who Invented the Baby Shower?


Today, people use the term baby shower to signify the celebrations around the birth of an upcoming baby. Traces of the event can be found way back in Egyptian and Greek civilizations. The celebrations of baby showers of the past were quite different from the modern-day era. They used to celebrate the forthcoming baby and welcome a new life into the world, however, mom-to-be was never gifted with baby shower gifts; rather the occasion was marked with a grand feast.


In ancient Greece, ceremonies such as Amphidromia and Dekati used to take place on the seventh and tenth-day post-childbirth. Because there was a high risk of death for both mother and baby in medieval Europe during childbirth mothers would confess their sins before childbirth, and afterward, if they made it, a baptism ceremony was used to bless the baby and the mother, with silver spoons being the gift of choice.


The modern-day baby showers ceremony became popular in the late 1940s after the WWII baby boom. Baby showers started taking place before the birth of the baby, where the mother was placed in a central chair for everyone to look at her opening baby shower gifts and continued with a grand celebration. It is not clear who invented the term baby shower, but it became popular in the late 1940s in America and continues on with the present-day celebration.


When are Baby Showers Held or Usually Done?


Baby showers are held almost 4 to 6 weeks before the due date. The celebration is generally planned as a surprise by the family members at their residence. The mommy gets decked up in beautiful maternity clothes to celebrate the occasion with friends and family members. Generally, the baby shower includes playing theme-based games, eating snacks, mom opening funny baby gifts, organic baby gifts, baby necessities and enjoying a merry time with loved ones. The celebration is completed in 3 to 4 hours although may go on longer depending on the activities.


Are They Just for Mothers, or Dads Can Also Have Baby Showers?


Traditionally, baby showers are meant for mothers only. However, modern-day baby showers also welcome the father and other male family members. Male members making their appearance at the occasion has become very common nowadays. As baby care is the responsibility of both parents, many people organize co-ed baby showers to celebrate the occasion.


Items such as diapers, baby clothes, toys, breast pumps, and luxury items are the common baby shower gifts for moms that the guests give. However, in a co-ed baby shower, the guests also bring gifts for the father-to-be. The popular gifting items for fathers generally include diaper bags and baby carriers specially designed to be used by the father. Matching dad and baby t-shirts are also fun gifts. One of our favorites is the Been Inside for 9 Months paired with I've Got A Wife Sentence.


Who Pays for a Baby Shower and How Much Does It Cost?


Generally, the person who organizes the event also pays for the celebration. But, it doesn’t have to fall solely on the host. All the family members or BFFs can go in together to pay for the celebration. The cost of celebration varies depending upon the type of celebration. Some prefer celebrating these moments at home, and some at an outside venue.


Why are Baby Showers So Important?


A baby shower is great way to get everyone together to celebrate the upcoming baby's birth in the family. The event can help make mommy feel loved and let the family-to-be know who is there to support them in times of babysitting needs. With baby showers, loved ones show support and love to the parents. The parents are gifted with valuable baby gear useful for the parents when the baby is born. Baby showers are not just held to celebrate the birth of the upcoming baby; it can also be a family occasion where the extended family strengthens bonds around the parents-to-be by showering the new family member with gifts and blessings.


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